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"Abductees" by Paul Vester (1995)

Paul Vester’s 1995 film Abductees is a mixed-media piece. It contains live-action interviews with people who claim to have been abducted by aliens; when the abductees provide drawings of their experiences, the film uses animation - in an array of different styles - to bring their illustrations to life.

Tags paul vester aliens abductees documentary animation short film acid trip dream

Josh Lewis - DOUBT: Excerpts from nos. 1-7

16mm B/W with chemical toning/ series of 7 films / 2:40 each

DOUBT is an ongoing series of investigations that attempt to penetrate film’s enigmatic materiality in tandem with the vagaries of my own emotional and psychological states. Each installment consists of a single 100’ roll of 16mm black and white film stock exposed with simple vertical lines that follow the natural trajectory of the film strip. Working under red light, the emulsion is then treated by hand with various photo-reactive chemicals, giving the strip it its colors, textures, and sense of movement. Although an idea of progress from roll to roll is not necessarily an objective, I do have a sense that working and struggling with the material in this way symbiotically furthers my understanding of what film is made of, and what I am made of.

Tags Josh Lewis abstract experimental film 16mm textures ambient